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ISBE&IWNT2023 was held.


The 8th International Symposium on Joint Research Center for Biomedical and Dental Engineering (ISBE2023) and International Nanodevice Technology Workshop 2023 (IWNT2023) will be held on November 21st and 22nd, 2025 at Hiroshima University Satake Memorial Hall (Higashi Hiroshima Campus). )has been held.

■ISBE2023 Sponsor: Institute of Biomaterials Engineering, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Institute of Future Industrial Technology

Hiroshima University Nanodevice Research Institute

Shizuoka University Institute of Electronic Engineering

■IWNT2023 Sponsored by: Hiroshima University Nano Device Research Institute

Sponsored by: Setouchi Semiconductor Co-Creation Consortium

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