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CMOS Advanced Course (1st to 4th) was held.


As part of the Setouchi Semiconductor Co-Creation Consortium's human resources development project, we held face-to-face lectures at the J Innovation Building of the Research Institute for Nanodevice and watched online lectures at satellite venues.

1st (held on 7/18: Semiconductor applications and needs), 2nd (held on 8/7-8/8: Memory devices and logic devices), 3rd (held on 10/17-10/18: Semiconductor manufacturing) Equipment), 4th (held from 12/19 to 12/20: Parts/Materials/Facilities/Environment)
The lecture was aimed at about 250 people, with about 50 attending in-person and 200 at about 30 satellite venues.The in-person participants held a discussion after the lecture.

We hope that the participants will continue to learn about the basics and cutting-edge initiatives in a wide range of fields, as well as deepen personal exchanges through discussions with the instructors and become core human resources in the semiconductor industry in the future.

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