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The 2024 CMOS Advanced Course (1st session) was held.

June 4, 2024

The first session of the "CMOS Advanced Course" in fiscal year 2024 (held from May 23rd to May 24th: Applications and needs of semiconductors, and the surrounding global situation), one of the human resource development projects of the Setouchi Semiconductor Co-Creation Consortium, was held.
The CMOS Advanced Course is a program where participants learn about the basics, cutting-edge technology, future challenges, and efforts to solve them from experts in a wide range of fields, such as semiconductor applications, advanced semiconductor manufacturing, equipment, materials, and facilities.
In fiscal year 2024, the course will be even more enriched to provide participants with an understanding of the overall picture, including not only semiconductor manufacturing but also future semiconductor applications such as AI and the environment and related industries, and to deepen personal exchanges through discussions with other participants and lecturers.
We hope that participants will continue to learn the basics and cutting-edge efforts in a wide range of fields, while also becoming core personnel in the semiconductor industry through discussions with lecturers.

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