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The 5th CMOS Advanced Course was held.


The 5th session (held on February 20th: Interview with management) was held as the final session in 2023 of the "CMOS Advanced Course", one of the human resource development projects of the Setouchi Semiconductor Co-Creation Consortium.
The CMOS Advanced Course is a program where you learn from experts in a wide range of fields such as semiconductor applications, advanced semiconductor manufacturing, equipment, parts and materials, materials, facilities, and the environment, from principles and basics to cutting-edge technology and future challenges and efforts to solve them. We conducted face-to-face lectures and online lectures at satellite venues, and students participated throughout the one-year course.
In 2023, we will hold 20 lectures in 5 sessions over 8 days in total, with 50 people selected from consortium member organizations and students at face-to-face venues, and 30 lectures set up at member organizations and affiliated universities. More than 200 people attended each time at the satellite venues, and over 1200 people attended in total during the year.
In 2024, the course will not only focus on semiconductor manufacturing, but also provide an understanding of the overall picture, including future semiconductor applications such as AI and the environment, as well as related industries, and deepen human interaction through discussions between students and instructors.
We plan to increase the number of events and offer even more enriching content.

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