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We are holding joint seminars.


Organized by the Hiroshima University Semiconductor Industrial Technology Research Institute and co-organized by the Setouchi Semiconductor Consortium, individual lectures are being held on hot topics related to the semiconductor industry and technology.

At the fourth lecture (June 14th), Dr. Yokoi of Micron Memory Japan spoke about the challenges and corresponding technologies required for high-bandwidth memory (HBM), and about 3D packaging technology, which is becoming increasingly important as AI becomes more widespread, from the perspective of silicon processing, along with miniaturization.

Nearly 200 people attended, both in person and online.

~Already held~
1st (January 12, 2024) "The world and Japanese economy surrounding the semiconductor industry, and the technologies required in the future" Nahomi Aoto, Specially Appointed Professor, Hiroshima University
2nd (March 28, 2024) "Mastering the boundary between analog and digital with systems thinking" Toshihiko Hamasaki, Professor, Hiroshima Institute of Technology
3rd (May 13, 2024) "ASML & ASML San Jose introduction & Metrology Technology overview" Kiyoshi Miyashita, ASML Principal Electrical Engineer
4th (June 14, 2024) "Silicon Process Challenges for High Bandwidth Memory" Naoki Yokoi, Senior Manager, Micron Memory Japan Co., Ltd.

~Upcoming events~
5th (scheduled for July 30, 2024) "Silicon Brain" Hiroshi Watanabe, Professor, National Yang Ming Jiao Tong University (Taiwan)

We look forward to your participation.

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